Need content? Look to your industry.

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One of our goals as public relations professionals to position our clients as resources to the audiences they serve – and it all comes down to content. Through social media, traditional media relations and special events, we offer valuable insight and information that can’t be found anywhere else.

That said, it’s not always easy to find content – especially on a frequent basis. While we want to tap into our internal expertise and resources to deliver content, it’s also important to keep up with current news and trends happening in our (or our client’s) industry.

For example, April 8-14 is National Architecture Week – a national conversation on how architecture contributes to our state of life. Since several of our clients play in the architecture and design industry, we know we want to contribute to the event.

  • One tool being activated during the event is Pinterest.¬†Each day the American Institute of Architects pins a new board showcasing different building types. We are able to follow and share these images across our clients’ social media sites.
  • We use the official hashtag #archweek12 on Twitter to monitor specific conversations happening about the event and to add our insight.
  • Our online social media channels are also great tools to promote the offline events that are happening around the country, as well.

By participating in the conversations surrounding National Architecture Week, we not only share valuable content to our followers, but connect with other personalities in the architecture and design industry.

To public relations professionals, what ways do you find content and participate in your clients’ industries?

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