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We are active members of the American Sportfishing Association (ASA). Not only do we represent clients whose businesses are based in the sportfishing industry, we believe in the foundation of the organization, which is to promote accessible, sustainable fishing opportunities for everyone.

One of the ASA’s advocacy programs is called “KeepAmericaFishing.” At its core, the mission of this group is to protect your right to sustainably fish. (Note the key word sustainability). It also works to protect anglers’ rights and identify accessibility issues with calls to action.

I have two boys, ages five and three. I want them to grow up knowing how to fish. I didn’t grow up fishing, but as an adult, it’s something I’m learning to do (and I’m really enjoying it, despite coming late to the game – proof that you’re never too old to learn something new). I’d like my kids to get a jump start and learn earlier than me, so I look for ways to get them out on the water – even if it’s just with a cane pole on the pond in my parents’ backyard.

Photo courtesy of Keep America

If groups like KeepAmericaFishing didn’t exist – or if the sportfishing industry didn’t work together to protect fisheries altogether – then what impact would that have on our lakes, rivers, streams and oceans over time? Who would look out — and speak out — on behalf of the fish?

I also consider myself a conservationist. I want to protect our planet so my grandkids’ grandkids actually have a planet to call home. I see the work ASA and Keep America Fishing are doing to advocate clean water and sustainable fishing practices, and I support their goals.

If we don’t teach our children now how to fish responsibly and protect the waters, how we can expect them to make informed decisions that impact the environment when they’re grown and in a position of voting power? It’s up to us to show them early on the fun of being outdoors and the importance of taking care of our planet.

If you’re a lifelong angler, new to the game like me, or even if you’re never picked up a fishing rod in your life, I hope you’ll take some time to learn more about Keep America Fishing, and how its work can impact fisheries across the country. Knowing and understanding the issues can help you make informed decisions when it comes time for you to cast a vote in your own community.



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