Follow through with social media promises

By Posted in - Social Media on April 23rd, 2012 0 Comments

Social media provides a forum for all types of conversations. Fans and followers are able to safely voice their complaints, praises, concerns and ideas with the hope that someone will see – and answer – their call.

Everyone knows that managing an online community is a great responsibility – one that requires patience, understanding and follow-through.

Earlier this month, Chris Brogan blogged about promises versus reality in social media – and it hit home to me as something I see all the time on brands’ social sites. It’s easy enough to post a “we’re looking into it” response to a consumer’s complaint, but following through on that promise takes more time – and brings more value.

Luckily, we are in the habit of following through with every customer complaint, question and request that comes through our clients’ social media sites. It might take more time on our part, but it’s well worth the effort when we’re able to provide real answers to fans’ questions.

How do you handle fans’ questions and complaints? Do you dig for the answer if you don’t have it on hand? Or do you use a standard response to appease the masses?

Practice what you preach and always make your promises a reality.


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