Five tips for hosting a special event promotion

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A lot of work goes into preparing for a special event – setting up meetings, reaching out to attendees and coordinating media relations opportunities. But how else can you take your planning to the next level and boost attendee engagement?

To get people’s attention and drive people to see you during the event, consider offering a giveaway of one of your brand’s popular products or a hot consumer item (iPad giveaway, anyone?).

There are a few options for hosting a promotion – having people enter during the event or through an online channel, or both. Whichever path you choose, keep these five suggestions in mind when planning and executing your event promotion:

  • Offer a reasonable barrier to entry. Your prize should far outweigh the work it takes for a participant to enter your contest. If it takes too much time or effort, people simply won’t enter.
  • Set a timeline. What’s the best timeframe for participants to enter, and for a winner to be selected? Mare sure people have enough time to complete an entry, then have a separate voting or selection period prior to making the winner announcement.
  • Beware of the freebie sharks. There are tons of people out there who just want free stuff – and they’ll do just about anything (except pay) to win. Keep this in mind if you chose to host a promotion that involves voting or a component where unethical practices could be an issue.
  • Have solid rules and regulations. Building on the last tip, make sure the rules you establish are fair and give you the control to disqualify entries that don’t meet your standards.
  • Promote, promote, promote. Be sure to get the word out before and during the event to get the most traction out of the promotion. Spread the contest across your social media channels and let industry media outlets know to build excitement and generate entries.

Let’s continue the discussion – what examples or success stories do you have to share about hosting promotions at events?

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