Create fresh online content through your brand’s unique personality

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As social media continues to be part of brands’ daily routines, producing useful and relevant content can be a challenge.  Earlier this week both Kim and Caitlin gave great tips on finding top-notch content relevant to your industry.  I am going to build upon this and suggest to generate fresh content by sharing your brand’s unique personality.

What helps set brands apart from one another is their unique company culture.

Tell the world what makes working for your company so special and pull them into the story of your brand.

  • Post photos from fun company events
  • Highlight associates to help humanize the brand
  • Be a valuable industry resource to your online community

Sharing culture is beneficial to your brand because it shows clients you are taking initiative and engaging not only with them, but also within your own team.  Because great work comes from an inspired team – and that is part of your brand you don’t want to hide.

Sharing should be purposeful and engaging.  However, just as with any social media initiative, set boundaries to guide your content.  Be aware of how much you are sharing, and that what you do share accurately represents your company culture.  Consider compiling content guidelines by using the steps below.

  • How often will you post?
  • What social media platforms will you use?
  • Who will post and contribute to the content?
  • What type of content will you share (i.e. industry and company news, photos, blogs)?

Culture is such an important part of your brand – and clients will see quickly how well you utilize social media.  It creates a certain level of intimacy and understanding that will get your customers talking about your work.  Isn’t that  the ultimate goal of PR?


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