Connecting with Customers

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How can media relations help consumer brands connect with their customers?

I’m glad you asked!

Media relations activities can keep your brand top of mind among consumers in a variety of ways:

  • Charitable tie-ins – It’s been proven that people like to do business with organizations that “do good.” If you’re launching a new philanthropic initiative or a promotion that ultimately gives back to a non-profit or charity, use media relations to share this information with your target audience.
  • Share how your product fits in with a larger trend – If you’re a home accessories manufacturer, I’ll bet you have an internal team that knows all about the up and coming trends.  By sharing your expertise as a resource on a trend article, there is also the opportunity to include information on a product that fits this trend.
  • Promote a lifestyle – One of our clients is a shoe retailer and Back to School season is a very busy time for them.  In the past, we’ve helped to identify “Back to School” segments where we can outfit students in the latest shoe styles – whether casual, athletic or dress, we can help promote the lifestyle through these opportunities.
  • Product reviews – If I see a product receive a good review through an editorial, I’m more likely to select this product when I’m ready to make a purchase.  From running shoes to sunglasses, it really helps to know that someone has tested it out and recommends it.  Media relations efforts can identify opportunities to get your product in front of an editor for review.
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