Connecting offline events with online users

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Special events continue to find their way on to social media sites in a number of simple (#hashtag) and extravagant (live streaming) ways. Usually, goals are established to drive people to the event – but then what happens? How do you successfully share content with the masses who couldn”t attend your event and incorporate those who could attend in a fun, unique way?

Mashable article, , reiterates an important point we make to our clients each time we help plan a promotion or event – stay true to the brand. And once you”ve established the on-brand type of event you”d like to host, ¬†make it sharable.

Here are three suggestions for highly sharable events via Mashable:

1. Photobooths:  While photobooths are becoming more and more commonplace at events, their pictures are becoming easier to share. In some newer booths, users can instantly upload their pictures to social media sites Рand print copies for themselves Рstraight from the booth.

2. Social scavenger hunts: Encourage fans” participation on and offline by creating offline scavenger hunts with online clues. Fans will have the option to engage with you in one or both ways.

3. Live stream: A little more time intensive, streaming a concert, presentation or event is a fun way to incorporate a larger, more virtual audience.

Have you had any luck with one of these event strategies? If so, what worked and what didn”t? Are there any other unique tactics you”ve used to connect an event”s attendees with the online world?


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