An Apology – Charleston style

By Posted in - Crisis Communications & Public Relations on April 4th, 2012 0 Comments

Last week I wrote that sometimes people just want an apology when something goes wrong.

This past Saturday I was standing in line to run the 35th annual Cooper River Bridge Run. This race has really been a tradition for my friends and me. We try to run it every year and enjoy all that Charleston, S.C. has to offer afterwards.

This year was a little different. The race was supposed to start at 8 a.m. – it was delayed several, several times and you could tell that the announcers weren’t really sure what was going on. The race finally got under way around 9:15 a.m. This left more than 36,000 runners standing in a holding pattern for more than an hour.

What happened? We don’t know for sure. There was a lot of speculation about thousands of runners not being transported to their proper place.

Well, this morning I got an email from coordinators at the Cooper River Bridge Run. It contained a full apology, with information on how they were evaluating the situation so they can make sure it never happens again.

Lovely!  This is such a humble way to reach out to people who might have had a negative experience – and let them know you really care.

I had fun standing in line with people, making light of the situation. I have no bad feelings about the delay at all – but it was sure nice to get that apology in my in-box this morning.

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