3 keys to success with consumer-focused contests

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On the surface, it may seem like community managers are simply responsible for brands’ status updates and answering fans’ questions. However, to be effective, social media management requires strategy, planning and execution.

Depending on the brand and audience, one topic of conversation in strategic planning sessions is whether or not to host online promotions or contests. And if so, how to host them effectively. At FCPR, we’ve had a lot of great success (and fun!) creating, planning and managing a number of online contests for our clients.

When brainstorming for contests/promotions, it’s important to remember who you’re trying to reach. For instance, the audience of a ┬áB2B (business-to-business) brand will be different than the audience of a B2C (business-to-consumer) brand. And in different audiences, people have different needs and goals of their own.

When considering an online promotion within a B2C brand’s social media space, remember a few key points:

  • Stay on message. If they’re visiting your space regularly, they have an interest in your brand. Stay on topic when creating your promotion – and don’t create something that isn’t in line with your brand’s message.
  • Know your audience. What do your followers love to do for fun? If cost wasn’t an issue, what would they do with their free time – and how would they spend their money? What are their interests and concerns? (For mothers, concerns might involve their children, family, education, “me” time, etc. For outdoor enthusiasts, concerns might center around environmental conservation, animal rights, etc.)
  • Be creative. Just because you sell X product, doesn’t mean you’re limited to giving product X away. For example, prize packages, grants and all-expense-paid trips are fun and can incorporate the “big picture” of your brand’s message.

What are some keys to success you’ve learned in planning and executing online promotions for your client or company?

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