Strategic Planning – 5 questions to ask

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It can sometimes take months to create and finalize a good working PR plan.  Here at Full Circle, we often start planning activities in the summer – for the following year for our clients (and agency).

And while there are definitely more than 5 questions you’ll need to ask in creating a strategic public relations plan, I like to start with the following 5:

  • “What’s happening now?” – You’ve got to define the current opportunities and challenges before moving forward.
  • “What is the desired solution?” – From program goals to identifying target publics, it’s important to verbalize and visualize a goal before the onset of the program. (I always find that setting a goal helps me professionally – and personally).
  • “What must be achieved with each public to accomplish the program goal?”  – For each audience, you’ll most likely have different goals.  Write them down and state what they are.
  •  “What behaviors do we want to change?” – Do you want to increase sales, reduce customer complaints, enter a new market and – therefore increase awareness?
  • “How will the outcomes and objectives be measured?” – It’s best to check-in on an ongoing basis to measure progress – so you can adjust program tactics if necessary.

A lot of blood, sweat and tears go into creating a solid plan that brings a brand towards its communication goals.  Here are a few other links from the  Full Circle blog that address the different phases of PR planning.



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