Social media’s changing landscape

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Over the last few weeks, Facebook’s Timeline for brands has generated a lot of chatter in the PR, marketing and social media worlds. Last week, I gave you a very general overview of what the new profile will look like for visitors and administrators. And now, it’s time to ask: What’s the motivation behind this overhaul?

According to a recent study published by Facebook and Forrester Consulting¬†and an article via Mashable, the social marketing landscape has changed, and “the connected world has rerouted the customer journey.”

In the past, consumers’ purchasing decisions were based off this funnel:

Consumers would see an ad on television, give the product some consideration, purchase the product and decide if they liked it enough to become a brand advocate.

However, with the introduction – and prevalence – of social media, researchers now believe consumers’ decisions look more like this:

In this flow chart, social media influences every stage of a consumer’s buying process.

Based on research findings, Facebook decided it was time to revamp the brand/customer experience – and connect people in an entirely new way.

Whether you’re excited about telling your brand’s story through Facebook Timeline or not, its important to understand the company’s motivation behind the switch. At FCPR, we’re constantly challenging ourselves to stay current and up-to-date with industry trends (Timeline being one example) – and that’s exactly what Facebook is doing for its users. As the social landscape changes, Facebook, too, must change to stay relevant as a social platform.

What are your thoughts on the ever-changing social media landscape? Do you think Facebook took the right steps in meeting the needs of its users?


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