Social media: Impacting national community in Iceland

By Posted in - Public Relations & Social Media on March 17th, 2012 0 Comments

We all know how social media can impact brands.  It can increase awareness, create engaged consumers, promote a particular lifestyle, and build – and unite – a community of loyal brand advocates.  It is changing the way brands communicate with consumers.

But did you know that social media can do the same thing for a country?

Mashable explains how Iceland has used online social tools to do just that.  They have increased tourism awareness, promoted a welcoming lifestyle, and built – and united – a  national body of engaged community members.  They are using social media to listen to their constituents.

The country’s presence on Twitter, Facebook and the blogosphere has helped this snowy country rebuild its economy and regain strength.  These social tools have also provided  a platform for democratic debate that the government is paying attention to, so much so that comments on their Facebook page have even convinced the incumbent president to run for another term after he had previously decided not to.

So what does a government’s use of social media mean?  It’s simply a reminder that social media is a game changer.  And it is changing all aspects of our lives.

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