Measuring Pinterest for brands

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If you’re on Pinterest, you may have noticed that brands are starting to join the “pinning” conversation.  If you are a brand and you know that your target market has a presence there, and that they are already talking about you, it might be wise to jump on the band wagon – in fact, many brands already have.

But now that brands are beginning to join Pinterest’s online community, how can we know that we are doing an effective job of managing our page?  The only real way to do so if through measurement – but how DO you measure Pinterest?

At this point in the game, new measurement tools must be developed.  But in constructing your method, ask yourself these questions:

  • What is my brand’s overall reason for being on Pinterest?
  • What are some concrete goals we want to accomplish by being a part of the Pinterest community?
  • How can I quantify these goals into measurable numbers?

If your goals are to increase awareness, maybe your number of followers is important.  If it is engagement, then consider keeping track of the number of re-pins your pins have, as well as the number of pins you yourself re-pin.  How many people are liking and/or commenting on your posts – and who exactly are these people?

Take the time to research your followers, their boards and interests and compare them to that of your brand.  Do they match up?  Looking at that might be a nice way to see if you’re connecting with your target market.

In the coming months I’m positive that a standard for measuring Pinterest success will come along, like Facebook Analytics and Google Analytics.  But until then, make your measurements reflect your original purpose for joining the site.

What are your thoughts on effectively measuring Pinterest?


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