Is Pinterest the next hot social media tool?

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Today I had the chance to attend SCPRSA‘s Upstate luncheon. This month, our region hosted three social media managers to answer questions about rhe changing landscape of online communication platforms.

When asked what the next hot social media tool is, the answer was almost unanimously Pinterest.

Still in its early stages as a social media platform, Pinterest caters to what we have long discovered to be the most engaging online content – images. The site acts as a virtual pinboard for users to organize and share images they find on the web. These graphics can be organized as a way to plan weddings, gather fashion ideas, decorate a home or save recipes. And with more than 10 million registered users (and growing), Pinterest is worth paying attention to.

But what are the opportunities for brands?

  • If you’re part of the consumer goods industry, there’s a good chance that images of your product are already being pinned on the site. Do a quick search for your brand to find out, and use Pinterest as a way to participate in these conversations.
  • Pinterest offers one more opportunity to be a part of your customers lives. If you choose to join the site as a brand, re-pin and post images not just of your products (in fact, your products should only represent a small percentage of your posts), but images that fit into your audience’s lifestyle.
As with any social media site, research Pinterest in depth and plan an engagement strategy for your brand before you jump in.
There are few brands on Pinterest at this time, but the number is quickly growing. What are the most insightful articles or blog posts have you read about the site? What are a few key points in your Pinterest strategy if you plan to participate?


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