Facebook Timeline: The visitor & admin experience

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If you manage your client”s online media channels – or tune in to the blogosphere on occasion – you are aware of Facebook”s new Timeline feature for brands. If you”re not aware of this new feature, here are a few articles that will help get you up to speed:

Okay, so now you”re up to speed and you”re asking, “What does it all mean?” Last Friday, Caitlin, Mollie and I had the opportunity to sit in on a Wildfire webinar that helped break it all down. Here are a few key takeaways that might help you (and your brand) dissect the Timeline:

Visitor”s experience:

Right side of the wall: This is where the user will see all “friend” activity.

  • 1st box: Shows how many (and who) of a fan”s friends also “like” the brand”s page
  • 2nd box: Shows which of a fan”s friends are talking about the brand. If you want to know what your friends are saying about a brand, this is where you”ll find out.
  • 3rd box: Shows posts by other fans (i.e. People you”re not friends with)

Left side of the wall: This is where all company posts will live.

Direct message: Visitor”s now have the ability to send brand pages private messages.

Admin”s experience:

Branding: Opportunities for branding change as visitors spend time on the page. The cover photo disappears as fans scroll down the page and posts become the key to providing brand messages.

Apps: Each box at the top of the page can be customized by the administrator. The only exception to this rule is the Photos app. Photos are the only static app that cannot be moved or customized in any way.

Maps: A new Maps feature will be available to all brands with a Facebook Places account. This will show maps to each of a brand”s locations.

Highlight & Pin: Administrators can now highlight (by clicking the box in the upper right hand corner of a post after it is published) a post to make it as long as the cover photo or pin a post to the top of the page where it will stay top of mind for seven days.

Monitor: Facebook is now giving brand administrators the ability to screen fan posts before they ever go live. From a PR perspective, we don”t recommend using this feature, but it is interesting to note its availability.

These are just a few down and dirty explanations of the changes to be seen with Facebook Timeline. What have you seen change with the introduction of Timeline? And how will you share your brand”s story?






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