Client Event Wrap Up

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This week the FCPR team has been providing some helpful tips on event and trade show practices.  Having just returned from one of our clients’ biggest event of the year, I know first hand that just because the event has wrapped up, the job is far from over. Thankfully this event was in my opinion a great success but that doesn’t mean there isn’t still work to be done to finish the job the right way. Here are some of my thoughts on how to successfuly tie a bow on your special event.

  • Take notes during and immediately after the event on what can be improved. Events are never perfect no matter how big of a success they are. It’s important to take note of things that you can do to make the next event even better than the last. By doing this not only are you making the next event better for your client, you’re making life easier on yourself in ensuring things run as smoothly as possible in the future.
  • Follow-up with members of themedia with whom you worked with prior to and during the event. Making sure media members have all the information they need through the event is critical, but it is just as important to ensure they have what they need as they wrap their stories up. While you’re at it, thank them for working with you and let them know you enjoyed their coverage and appreciate their interest in your client. By taking a few minutes to reach out one last time, you’re maintaining relationships that can be relied upon in the future for other events.
  • Follow-up with members of your client’s organization. Everyone loves being recognized for their hard work and will appreciate you telling them they did a great job. Also, asking them if there is anything else they need will help you make sure you didn’t leave anything undone. Client relationships are the most important and letting them know you recognized their hard work as well, will go a long way.
  • Take a deep breath and re-group. In public relations there isn’t much time (if any) to sit back and relax. Finish the job, re-group and then turn your focus to the next job.

Hopefully these tips will help you to successfully wrap up your client’s event. What are some of your ideas on improving event wrap up?

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