Action Item List: The secret to a successful event

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FCPR is moving - and we're taking the fish with us!

Liza recently mentioned that we’re moving out of our downtown space that Full Circle PR has lived in for several years – and into a bigger corporate park in Greenville.  (yay!)

Juggling a move with client work takes planning – and it’s important to communicate our changes to a variety of audiences – phone vendors, lease management companies, interior designers – and of course employees within our own team!  So that’s why we approached this just as we do any other important event – we follow an action item list.

The Action Item List

The action item list is the best way I’ve found to help manage a variety of activities, deadlines and assignments, specifically for an event.  For most of our clients, I break them out in the following categories:

  • Event Preparation – This includes logistics and would detail anything from determining a host to securing a step and repeat.
  • Media Relations – Creating press kits, drafting news materials and receiving approval goes in this category.
  • Social media – Determine who will manage the social media outreach and what activities will be communicated.
  • On-site management – This section allows you to manage the photographer, the caterers in Las Vegas, signage details and other day-of event activities.
  • Follow Up – It’s important to follow up with your internal team and client to evaluate the success of an event, so you can make program plans and changes for future ones.

For each line item, we also assign a Due Date, an Owner and a Notes Section. With this organization system, it’s easy to stay on track to manage a variety of successful special events.

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