4 quick tips for authentic blogging

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Blogging can either be a hit or miss for a brand. If done well, the brand can be seen as a resource to consumers, there to answer questions and help fix their problems.  If done wrong, the brand can come off as only trying to find another way to make a sell.  And that, my friend, is not good.

To ensure that your brand’s blog isn’t coming off the wrong way, follow these quick tips for authentic blogging:

  • Don’t push your products.  Use your blog to answer consumer’s questions instead of pushing your products.  When addressing a topic, be general in nature when referring to solutions if you have products that fall into your “solution” category.  Rubbermaid does an exceptional job at this.  Their blog addresses organization issues and does so without mentioning their products.  This allows them to be seen as an authentic resource – not a salesman.
  • Don’t bash competitors.  We know you think your brand is the best.  But instead of using your blog as a forum to bash competitors, use it to highlight aspects of your industry.  Nobody likes a bully.
  • Don’t erase negative comments.   Although some negative comments should be fully addressed offline, don’t erase not-so-great posts from your blog.  If a reader posts a comment that questions what you say, use it as a way to further your point and establish your expertise.  Or, if they are right – tell them.  If it is a customer service issue, kindly respond with contact information to take it offline.  A brand’s blog with absolutely no negative comments and ton of positive will seem fishy.  Be transparent.
  • Be a resource to readers.  Again, instead of pushing your product, use your blog to inform your readers.  Be an industry resource to them so they view your brand as a thought leader.

Do you have any best blogging practices you would like to add?


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