Tips on landing a PR job

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Yesterday at Full Circle we had a student from Clemson University’s communication studies program interview us for our perspectives on the PR realm.  We discussed everything from client relations and the future of social media – including Pinterest for brands – to tips on landing a job in the public relations industry.

I would like to share a few bits of insight that came out of our discussion for those seeking a PR position – or really any – in today’s economy.

Stand out

The first step in the job hunting process is being able to have your resume cut through the clutter.  Know that hundreds of people are applying for the same “perfect position” that you want.  So in order to get it, make yourself known.  Write a killer cover letter that highlights why you are the best candidate, and then follow up with a phone call a week or so later.  After an interview, send a personal thank you note (either written or by email) expressing your gratitude for the potential employer taking time out of their busy day to consider you for a position.  You would be surprised how far a simple thank you note will go.  Make yourself stand out by sending one.

Be informed

Get to know the company you are applying to.  Research their clients – look at their Facebook pages, follow their Twitter feeds and read their press releases.  Also, if they have a blog read it, too!  This way in your interview you can reference it.  Be prepared to not only talk about your resume in the interview, but their company and clients, too.

It’s not about you

I know your whole life you have been brought up being told that you can have whatever you want and be whatever you want to be – and far be it from me to stop you – but realize that when you are in an interview IT IS NOT ABOUT YOU.  It is about the employer.  Instead of focusing on what you have done (don’t get me wrong, I’m not – and would never – discount experience), focus on what you can do for them.

How would you add value to their company?  Focus on being the solution for the hiring company and portraying your value in a “what I can do for you” manner.

STAY on social media

Many people advise job seekers to deactivate their Facebook and other social media accounts in order for employers to not find any compromising content about applicants.

Thought #1: Don’t post anything you wouldn’t want the entire world to see in the first place.

Thought #2: Part of being in public relations is participating on social media.  Don’t show potential employers that you aren’t current and with the times by deactivating your Facebook.  Instead, post interesting articles, photos and links about your interests and it will be a way for them to see different side of you.


To get that PR job you’ve always dreamed of, follow these steps and make yourself the client.  Show potential employers first hand that you will be a first-class employee from the beginning to the end of the hiring process.

I hope you have enjoyed my tips (or rant?) on getting a job in the PR industry.  Do you have any other tips to add?

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