New Job in PR? Jump in with both feet!

By Posted in - Employee News & Public Relations on February 2nd, 2012 0 Comments

Starting a new job, regardless whether you’re confident you know what you’re doing or not, is always challenging. New role, new people, new office, new environment (5 women and myself) and most of all, new clients! Walking into an office for the first time is exciting and fun but it can also be overwhelming if you haven’t prepared yourself for it. Here are some suggestions that worked for me:

  • Jump in with both feet! In PR there isn’t much time for a learning curve. You have to jump in the mix, adapt and learn on the fly!
  • Ask Questions. Never be afraid to ask questions. The worst mistake you can make is assuming you know everything right away. The people that have been there before are important to lean on and are happy to do so.
  • Be receptive to suggestions and criticism. No one expects you to come into a new place a be perfect. Absorb everything you can and improve a little bit each day. Criticism isn’t always personal, it’s constructive and an important part of growing in your profession.
  • Get to know you client. You can never have too much information on who you are working for. Understanding their company and industry is vital to early success, especially when trying to build relationships.
  • Get involved in social media. Facebook and Twitter are a great way to learn about people and gain perspective on whats going on (past and present) with your clients and in your industry.
  • Get to know the people you work with. Being a part of a new company can be nerve racking until you feel comfortable with the people you depend on and those who depend on you. At Full Circle PR, I’ve joined an office with 5 women who have welcomed the first guy into their company. Besides learning about my new role, I have also become very familiar with things such as Boo the adorable dog that looks like a teddy bear on Facebook.

In all seriousness, my first few weeks in my new position at Full Circle PR have been great. Of course there have been challenges that anyone faces when starting something new, but by jumping in with both feet and keeping these six things in mind I feel like I’ve been able to transition much more easily. What are some tips you have for adjusting to a new job?

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