How to maximize media coverage

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One of Full Circle”s clients, Progress Lighting, was recently featured in the Wall Street Journal as “One of Five Products” that caught the eye of an WSJ blogger.

Being recognized by one of the nation”s most respected media outlets is no small feat.  So, how do you maximize this coverage to promote third party credibility of a product to continue the momentum within the lighting and design communities?

We took Bingo on a social media tour to communicate the coverage both internally and externally:

  • Progress Lighting”s Facebook and Twitter feeds communicated the coverage to its audience that is made up of lighting designers, interior decorators, home builders – and other media contacts.
  • We promoted the Bingo lighting designer, James, who is also active on Twitter and Google .  Being a designer of a product that caught the WSJ”s eye is obviously exciting – so we helped to promote his reaction on Progress Lighting”s channels.
  • Through conversations with lighting showroom owners and distributors, we”ve mentioned this national coverage about one of the newest collections they are carrying.  This has excited them – and, in turn, they want to promote the new product to their customers.
  • Last but not least, we have included the piece in an internal newsletter that goes to sales representatives.  This is a great conversations starter when visiting with customers!
The next time your brand or product experiences a “big hit,” think about how you can maximize this coverage.
  • Who else would be interested in learning this?
  • What tools do you have that you can use to extend this story?
If you answer these questions and implement other efforts, you can strengthen your communications tactics and experience an incredible success story.


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