How the A&D community is using social media

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Where are architecture and design players going to find and share inspiration and ideas?

They are going social.

Social media has become a daily part of the A&D community – if not hourly. Through Twitter, Facebook, and now even Pinterest, users are able to get the latest design trends, color forecasts, share and find inspiration, as well as connect on a more personal level with design professionals.

Here are just a few (of many) reasons why if you play in the A&D arena, you should be an active participant in these social tools.


  • Facebook allows participants to show a personal side to their professional lives – and gives the ability to make a true connection and engage with customers and vendors in the design community. If you are a brand, know that your customers are spending lots of their time on this, and therefore so should you. This is also a great place to share inspiration and be a resource to your customers. Last, be sure to use this platform to show the culture aspect of your brand – something fans can and will want to relate to.


  • Twitter is a fantastic application to stay updated with the most recent news and trends. A&D participants are using this to share the latest updates with LEED certification, short inspirational quotes, health tips for office design, and recent design work – all in 140-character sound-bites.  Again, designers and architects have a presence on Twitter, so should your brand.


  • Pinterest’s flexible features that allow users to pin images in a bulletin-board format makes it the perfect place for designers and architects to gather inspiration and design ideas – and share them with others. This is so much so, that Pinterest accounts for 3.6% of referral traffic (a number not to be ignored by e-commerce sites).
  • Brands are beginning to use this, too.  In fact, you can find and follow Nordstrom, HGTV, West Elm and ModCloth to see what kind of inspiration they can offer you – personally and professionally. WOMMA posted a blog article that perfectly sums Pinterest’s purpose for brands ,“Get visual with your products and see how you can inspire your customers to do great things (that will inspire great word of mouth).”

If your target market lies within the design community, are you taking advantage of these social tools where they are gathering and sharing ideas?
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