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Fish out of water, anyone?

Blogging sometimes makes me feel like a…fish out of water.  Especially when it comes to writing posts for the agency blog.  I sometimes wonder:

  • What should I write about?
  • How can I weave in our areas of expertise in public relations and the industries we serve?
  • How can I complement other blog posts that are written from FCPR team members?

The Full Circle PR team has been blogging for a couple years now, but we haven’t always been so strategic about it.

However, our own Mollie Williams has made it easy for us to stay on track with our blogging efforts.  And I figured it would be useful to share how.

  • Mollie created an ongoing calendar, complete with themes and topic areas  for each one of us to loosely follow. This not only helps us concentrate on writing relevant posts for audience members, but also improves our search engine optimization to communicate our areas of expertise.

Additionally, she created a document labeled, “FCPR best blogging practices” so we can refer to it when we’re up to bat for our posts.  Some tips include:

  • Use effective headlines.  For example, “10 Ways to…” “Top 5…” and “3 Keys…” tend to grab readers’ attention more.
  • Be clear and concise with words – but not short on content.  Blogs shouldn’t be too short, but average between 400-600 words.
  • Use bullet points to explain your topic in clear format.
  • Include links to interesting articles that address the same topic at the bottom of your blog.
  • Be personal on the blog so that readers feel like they know you and will want to return to read more.
To read about some recent key observations from 2011, here’s a blog post from Jeff Bullas, who helps people and companies increase their presence online.

So, how have I done? Let me know if there are other tips that have helped you to become a more successful blogger.


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