Employee surveys – a must for internal communications

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Liza and I like to joke that we are OVER-communicators. We like to share information on our company’s new business opportunities, hiring plans, marketing goals – even about the agency’s finances.  By engaging employees, they have a better sense of ownership (and hopefully happiness).

After reading articles like, “Are your employees engaged or not?” I feel like we’re in the minority.  In fact, this article cites that a whopping 79% of employees who were surveyed were not engaged, not motivated to do a good job – and just downright unhappy.

I’ve certainly worked in environments where I didn’t know – ever – what was going on.  My colleagues and I would endlessly ask questions such as: Was I getting fired? Were we losing a client? What is that new guy doing here in the creative department? 

Thankfully, Liza and I both feel that knowledge is power – and we’re all about empowering the Full Circle team. Before the holidays, Liza sent out a survey to each employee asking them to complete questions, such as:

  •  If I were running FCPR, here’s what I’d like to see done more effectively:
  •  I wish we could do more of ______________________ at FCPR
  • What else would you like to see at FCPR? What are your ideas to make this an even more fantastic work environment for you?

Out of this survey, it came out that employees wanted more team-building time.  And we also got feedback that the staff wanted to choose what we would do (rather than have it mandated from Liza and me).

Easy enough!

For 2012 we implemented quarterly team activities.  We just had our Q1 group outing (which Caitlin blogged about yesterday) – and it was a great opportunity to spend time with each other – and have a little fun – outside the office walls.

What feedback have you received from employee surveys?  And how did this shape your internal communications activities?

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