Creating relationships through Special Events

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Caitlin and Kim "educating" Clemson communications students at a PRSSA meeting on resume building.

At the end of the day, brands and companies implement special events to create – and maintain – relationships with their key audiences.  While social media tools provide great channels for connecting with people who share interests all across the world, it still doesn’t (and can never) replace offline relationships.

Putting a face with a name is truly invaluable, and this is why special events are major tactics for brands to connect with decision-makers.

So, how can special events contribute to create such a magical effect?

  • Special events can entertain, while providing networking opportunities (A good cocktail party with the right people can be a catalyst to  make things – new business opportunities, partnerships, meetings – happen.)
  • Special events can introduce new technologies, new trends, new products (From trade shows to sales meetings, special events can serve as a win/win for companies introducing new items to people/groups who would be interested most in learning about them).
  • Special events can make someone feel special – Invite-only events that share information with select individuals (media contacts, customers, etc.) can strengthen a relationship with someone by sharing a “sneak peek” of activities planned.
  • Finally, special events can educate.  

I actually just participated in an event last week with an FCPR client who serves the architectural and design community.  As a certified instructor for the Interior Design Continuing Education Council, I presented a one-hour CEU (continuing education unit) course to a national design firm and those operating abroad, like Atelier Lane Hong Kong (The topic was: Social Media: Global Online Tools for Interior Designers.)

Supplemented with other activities at the event (a company tour, design trends presentation and updates on sustainable initiatives), our team was able to connect in ways that served many of the purposes stated above.

We’re proud to serve as a partner to our clients – and ultimately their audiences.  And special events can help us reach those communication and relationship-building goals.

Have any questions on determining how a special event could help you connect with a key decision maker?  We’d love to hear from you.

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