7 Questions for vetting out social media tools

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As an adult, you should know by now that you can”t be perfect at everything.  The same is true for brands.  Successful brands know that they can”t serve every market – that is, serve every market well.  Instead they carve out a niche market, and become irreplaceable to their consumers.

This very same idea can – and should – be translated into a brand”s social media strategy.

Not every platform is going to be useful to every brand in every online casino industry.  The key is vetting out each tool to see how using it would benefit your brand – and mainly, your brand”s customers.

When assessing social media applications for your brand, be sure to ask these 7 questions.

  1. Is this where our consumers and our industry are interacting?
  2. What type of content is currently being shared on this platform and how does it differ from those of other social media tools?
  3. How can we use this application to be a resource for our consumers?
  4. Does this platform”s personality line up with our company culture?
  5. How could you give a different insight into your company through this tool?
  6. Can your brand interact on this platform without pushing your products or services?
  7. Are you competitors present?

Answering these questions will help give a clearer vision of whether or not your brand should take part a social media tool. What other questions do you ask when assessing social media?


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