5 tips PR pros use to prepare for a trade show

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Don't forget to have a little fun at special events. You've worked hard - now celebrate!

Caitlin mentioned that she and I are at the International Builders Show in Orlando, in her most recent post about bringing “magic to social media at events.”

I’d like to brag on her a bit, as she planned all of the PR activities surrounding our visit.  Here are the things she did to make preparing for this show a success for our client – and our agency.

  • Tip #1 – Research who will be attending – Specifically, for PR professionals, trade shows are a great way to meet editors, reporters, journalists and bloggers in the industry that you hardly ever get to see face-to-face.  Caitlin researched who attended last year – and who would be attending this year – and set up appointments with them so we could meet in person to review new product introductions and share how we could serve as resources for our clients.
  • Tip #2 – Send a “sneak peek” of what people can expect to see – After researching which contacts will be most interested in show news, send a news release that details what will be featured at the show BEFORE the event.  Caitlin was able to secure quite a few placements for our client in show previews.
  • Tip #3 – Create a calendar – Things can get quite busy – hectic, even – at trade shows and that makes it really easy to lose track of time.  Caitlin created a calendar of media interviews, product tours, industry events and networking activities – to help us remember where everyone needed to be (and when!).
  • Tip #4 – Bring key messages – To bring sales associates and spokespeople up to speed, Caitlin created key messages and speaking points for new products and show activities.  Knowledge is power.
  • Tip #5 – Have fun! – There are a lot of fun events surrounding trade shows.  Networking receptions, group dinners, cocktail hours, etc.  Try to carve out some time to have fun with your colleagues and make new connections.  Creating and maintaining relationships is really the heart of a trade show after all!

Anyone have their own top five tips they’d like to share?

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