5 tips for achieving success with online events and promotions

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Event/trade show season is in full swing at Full Circle PR. And over the last few weeks, Caitlin, Will and Kim have provided top-of-the-line tips for getting the most out of client events and trade shows. Read any (or all) of the articles below for insight into planning and executing a great event.

Today, I want to talk about online events – and why the preparation for these events should be as in-depth as the preparation for their offline counterparts.
While these events often come in the form of contests, promotions and webinars, client goals are usually as specific as if it were an event with a formal guest list.
Goal #1: Attendance 
For online events, our goal is for people to attend. Whether that’s through online registration for a webinar, or entering a contest, we want people to show up.
So, how do we achieve this goal? 
  • Utilize social media channels. Use your brand’s Facebook, Twitter and blog pages to notify fans and followers of the who, what, when, where and why of your event – and invite them to attend/participate.
  • Contact online media outlets and offline media outlets. Our first instinct is to reach out to online media for online events, but it’s important to note that offline media might be just as interested in helping spread the word about your client’s event or promotion.
  • (As Caitlin says…) Tag, tag, tag. Research which media outlets and organizations are on Facebook and Twitter – and tag them (when appropriate) in posts about the event. At the very least, tag these outlets and organizations when they’ve shared your message.
  • Know your audience. If you’re hosting a contest where the winner’s favorite school takes home an athletic grant (as is the case in our client’s “Save the Athletes Challenge”), hone your search – and reach out to people who take a vested interest in athletic programs. (For example, athletic directors, principals, P.E. teachers, etc.) Know who – outside of traditional media – might be interested in the information you’re sharing.
  • Have faith. There aren’t always “early birds” when it comes to entering online contests and registering for events. If you’re down to the wire and still don’t have many participants, continue to promote – and have faith. We’ve seen numbers explode in the last few hours an online event is open.
Have you had success in planning and promoting an online event? If so, what worked and didn’t work for you? We’d love to know!


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