Using social media to find sources

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As the media landscape evolves, so does the nature in which reporters locate sources. In a recent blog post, “3 Ways National Media Use Social Media to Find Sources,” the Bad Pitch Blog shows examples of national media outlets’ (The New York Times, CNN, MTV and The Wall Street Journal) reporters using various social platforms to find quotable content for their articles.

Do the reporters you follow use this tactic?

In my opinion, it’s genius. In a time where people hardly read their emails and rarely answer the phone, yet stay plugged in to social media 24/7, it’s only natural that reporters would reach out to a source (or a mass of potential sources) in such a way. I’ve seen it happening with the reporters I follow. Aside from using tools like Help A Reporter Out (HARO), reporters are using their own social platforms to encourage answers from their friends, family and followers. And it’s becoming a great way to put questions right in front of the CEO who might never have seen your email.

And as PR pros, we know everyone (and everything) is quotable, so it’s always a good reminder to have your social space as professional as your work space. You never know who is listening…or writing.

How do you feel about reporters using social media platforms to engage potential sources? Have you had any luck at securing a source through social media? 

I’d love to hear your thoughts!


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