Two years down.

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Tomorrow, January 4, officially makes two years that I’ve worked at Full Circle PR. It’s still my first “real job” out of college, and I can say with confidence that there is much left for me to learn.

It has been a growing process. And the best way I can share my thoughts and approach to my career as a public relations professional – and a member of this team – is to revisit how I felt during my first weeks as an account coordinator

The Learning Curve

They say you never stop learning – there’s not much that is more true. I’ve learned from others. I’ve learned from experience. I’ve learned the hard way. I’ve jumped into projects mid-way and witnessed the growth of client relationships from the ground up. And most of all, through these lessons I’ve gained the knowledge and confidence to take responsibility with our work I couldn’t imagine I’d have two years ago.

My laptop is my new best friend

Well, not much has changed here. But now I know technology isn’t everything. Keeping up with the latest social media tools and computer programs is useful and often exciting, but the power is still offline. Offline customer service. Offline clarification of a question. Offline time spent with clients and colleagues. It’s important to remember our email platforms and social media accounts are tools, not tactics.

Speed, and my lack of it

Everyone would like to be more efficient, but I’ve learned the best work takes time. This includes anything from writing to showing measurable results to building a significant client relationship. And from a practical standpoint, attention to detail and speed don’t necessarily go hand-in-hand. It’s an everyday challenge to find the balance between speed and quality, but always put in the extra time if your work deserves it.

I am culturally biased

To be honest, it’s hard to remember life before the “real world.” The 9-to-5 lifestyle changes things, and in this profession – if you’re passionate enough – you don’t have an “off” switch. New ideas have a way into creeping into your mind when you’re not at your desk. I am always working toward finding the right balance between personal and professional life, and it’s just as important to step away sometimes than to stayed glued to your best friend computer.


Like anything, my career, education and time spent at Full Circle PR is constantly evolving. Every email, project and relationship (both client and colleague) shapes me as a professional. So with two years down, here’s to many, many more ahead.


That's me on my first day!

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