Social media strategy: It’s not a numbers game

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I’m not going to lie, having thousands upon thousands of Twitter followers and Facebook fans sounds fun.  It proves that you’re the “popular kid,” right?  While it might be appealing for brands, using numbers to prove your social media strategy can be a dangerous game.

It’s easy to be a one-hit-wonder -hear one day and gone tomorrow.  Ask Reuben Studdard.  After winning the second season American Idol he has virtually dropped out of the scene, despite releasing records.  His fans loved him enough to vote for him on the show but were quick to fade.

Social media can play out the same way for brands if they are’t careful.  To prevent this, base your strategy around engaging and making an authentic connection with fans and followers.  Use these platforms to see what your customers are talking about – and provide relevant content that isn’t pushing your products.

Focus on being a resource, not a salesman.

At Full Circle PR, our success isn’t measured by the amount of followers or fans we have (not to say that you can’t report it at all), but by the engagement we facilitate within our client’s industry.

  •  Did people interact with our clients online? 
  •  Are our clients a source of online inspiration? 
  •  Are people re-tweeting/sharing/commenting/liking our posts?  If so, we know we are doing our jobs right.  

Although these things are never guaranteed, it is motivation to produce the best content possible for the clients we represent.  It is rewarding.

Why is engagement more important than numbers of followers or fans, you ask?

That’s simple.  More engaged followers and fans produces more loyal customers.  More loyal customers then turn into brand advocates – the most coveted kind of consumer.  Brand advocates will stand by your brand and will (just like the name ensues) advocate your products to others. (Might I mention that this isn’t a line item?) They are extremely slow to switch brands – and easy to get to purchase even more – unlike new customers who are extremely expensive to get in the first place.

It is my hope that your social media strategy isn’t all about the number of followers or fans.  Make it about connecting, engaging – and creating brand advocates.

Those are the followers and fans that I suggest counting.

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