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If you’re an administrator of a brand page on Facebook, you’ve probably noticed that the network has recently rolled out some really elaborate new Insights. And if you work at a PR agency, you probably think these new colorful graphs and analytics look really cool when you show them to your clients.

But do you really know what the terms Reach, Engaged Users, People Talking About This and Virality mean? And could you explain them to your client if you were put on the spot?

This post from Social Media Examiner breaks it down for us. I highly suggest reading it.

Make a point to learn and understand what these Insights mean; consider it a look into what your community wants from your page. What content are your fans hungry for?

  • If your number of Engaged Users spikes when you post photos, then post more pictures.
  • Determine the frequency of your page’s Reach and experiment with posting more often to boost engagement.
  • If your only External Referrer is Google, you should try harder to get the word out about your page.
  • Watch your competitors’ People Talking About This statistic (this is public information) and monitor what is working for them.
  • The same can be said for Twitter, too. If you receive more RTs and Mentions for posting industry news, do more of it.

But most importantly, when you report these wonderful findings to your client at the end of the month, use what you found. Don’t just file the statistics away as “something you should do more of.” Start giving your fans and followers what they want that day – and see how it changes your number of fans and interactions in the long run.

Have something to add? I’d like to hear what other social media metrics are worth paying attention to.

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