Media Relations 101: Be brief

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At FCPR, a large part of what we do on a daily basis involves media relations. We work with writers, editors and reporters to uncover new story angles and identify opportunities for our clients to contribute to various conversations within the A & D and outdoor industries. And though we have great, long-lasting relationships with many media partners, we’re always reaching out to new contacts and establishing new relationships.

Therefore, I thought it might be helpful to talk about best practices in the initial stages of media outreach. Those first conversations are critical to the life of the story, topic or idea you’re pitching – and it’s always nice to have an edge.

Today’s emphasis is on brevity.

Think about yourself as you sift through your inbox each morning. Do you enjoy reading emails that are short and to the point, or would you rather read a novel that’s been condensed to fit in an email? Chances are,  you’d vote in favor of brevity. So, when crafting the perfect pitch, or reaching out to a reporter for the first time, identify your point immediately.

As Chris Brogan says, “People barely have time to read a tweet.” There’s no need to overload someone with information in the first paragraph of the first email you’ve ever sent them.

“Most people’s first few paragraphs are throat-clearing, and their endings are weak.” Stay strong throughout your email, and don’t feed the reporter a lot of fluff. He is just as busy as you are, remember.

While there are a number of useful tips and tricks to media relations, being brief and to the point would be at the top of my list of suggestions.

What are some tricks you’ve found useful in your media outreach? Do you agree that brevity is always a good policy? We’d love to hear your thoughts.




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