How to Plan an Event

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At a recent event where Rack Room Shoes gave a $10,000 computer lab grant to Cornersville High School

At Full Circle, we’ve planned all sorts of events – from press conferences to sales meetings and from trade show activities to social media promotions.  With each of these, there’s a lot of activities to think about:

  • event logistics
  • event preparations
  • media relations
  • social media
  • on-site event management
  • follow up

Liza and I always say that – even with the best action plan – something can (and most likely will) go wrong at an event.  A speaker decides to back out of a press conference, a media outlet went to the wrong venue, there’s a typo on the signage, etc. (These have all happened to us, by the way).  But the trick is to make sure that no one at the event knows that anything went wrong.  How does that happen?

Create and follow an Action List

At the onset of any event, we work with the client to understand goals, resources and timing.  And then we get an action plan in place, assigning duties, deadlines and owners who will execute each task, taking into consideration each of the activity buckets listed above.


Between vendors, colleagues and clients, there are a lot of people involved in pulling off a successful event.  Therefore, it’s always important to communicate updates, changes and feedback on an ongoing basis.  We like to update our master action plan and send to the group to discuss and review as needed.

Plan B

From rainy days to delays, unexpected situations WILL (not may) pop up.  To tackle these curve balls, the trick is to anticipate these while you’re planning (not the day of the event).  Ask yourself, “What could possibly go wrong?” And then answer it and incorporate the solution into your action plan.

And, of course, when the event’s over, you’ll need to measure the effectiveness of it.  A great post on what to consider is on KD Paine’s blog.

So, what events do you have coming up?  Have any questions on how to get started?  We’d love to hear from you.

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