5 Quick tips to break writer’s block

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I’m pretty sure we all have experienced the ever-so-dreadful curse of writer’s block at least once in our lives.  And for someone in the fast-paced public relations industry, I have to find a way to break it – and break it quick – so that I can move on with the rest of my day

From my experience, the following 5 tips have worked best in getting my creative juices flowing.

1. Change of scenery.

Mixing up your environment will have you thinking in different ways and is a great way to get out of a rut.  Be it a corner coffee shop or a beautiful park bench, change stimulates the mind producing more imaginative, clearer thoughts.

2. Collaborate.

It’s amazing what simply talking things out will do to move you along in idea creation.  It’s okay to hash out a thought with a colleague – even if you know the idea isn’t a fit.  Collaboration with others will direct your thoughts down a path it wouldn’t have otherwise – two minds are better than one.

3. Switch tasks.

The more time you spend being frustrated because of writer’s block is more time that you spend being unproductive in general.  Switching tasks takes your mind off of current annoyances (i.e. writer’s block) and focuses your energy on something productive.  In my case, the progress made on other tasks inspires me to break through my writer’s block even quicker.

4. Take a break.

Take a walk or visit an creative website such as Pinterest and let others inspire you.  Taking time to clear your head will allow you to formulate focused thoughts when you come back to your writing task.

5. Start writing.

Begin to write whatever comes to mind and soon you’ll find a direction for your topic at hand.  Of course, edit immediately once you find a train of thought that you are happy with. Sometimes for me it’s easier to edit existing content than creating it from scratch, in order to get the perfectly crafted piece of writing.

The previous 5 tips are merely things that work for me when I’m stuck with writer’s block.  Everyone is different – how do you get out of your writing rut?

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