Power of Positive PR

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PR professionals are slacks, spin doctors and the voices behind corporate talking heads. If you’re in the industry, no doubt you’ve heard some of these negative connotations before.

As easy as it may be to focus on negative stories that are out there about either uneducated or unethical PR practitioners, I challenge you to consider the power of positive PR.  Through public relations activities, good deeds unfold each day, which motivate communities to supports those in need, lend a helping hand or become aware of a story that might affect them.  Here are a few examples:

  • Communicating Charitable Efforts and Needs – Recently, the Greenville Humane Society announced they were running low on newspaper donations, which they use to line crates and care for the animals in need.  After learning this, I make an effort to donate the newspapers I have to it can be recycled for good use (found a lot of custom goods at https://www.customearthpromos.com/custom-recycled-shopping-bags.html).  I see similar stories of communities coming to the rescue when food banks are low, soup kitchens need volunteers or church organizations are in need of donations from the community.
  • Preserving Public Safety – When food products, baby furniture or children’s toys must be recalled due to harmful defects, it’s crucial to get the word out to unsuspecting consumers.  PR professionals behind these brands, must swing into crisis mode to communicate the message with the audiences most likely to be affected.
  • Spreading Cheer – I love nothing more than a good news story.  Sometimes it’s all I need to keep me going throughout the day.  It motivates me to “pay it forward” and do something good for someone else.  I know that by hearing how one person’s generosity helped another in need, it makes me want to be a better person.

Without PR efforts, many of these stories would remain untold.

So, in the spirit of Positive PR, I’m passing on just one more item that I hope you’ll help me with.

Via someone else’s Facebook post I read about a little boy named Max who is 8 and has leukemia.  For Christmas he wants to receive 1,000,000 postcards.  Please wish him a happy holiday! Write him at:
Max, c/o Hailey Remish
417 Jones Street
Belle Vernon, PA

How else can you use the power of positive PR to make a difference?

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