Online activity in one minute

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We know that online tools only supplement face-to-face and offline interactions.  We like to say that communications activities aren”t B2B or B2C – but B2P (Businesses connecting with People).

With that said, it”s amazing just how many transactions, messages, applications and updates are created in just one minute. Here”s a link that shows “The incredible things that happen every 60 seconds online.”

How are you cutting through the clutter?  Are you one of the 15oo blog posts, 695,000 Facebook status updates or 100 new LinkedIn accounts?  If so, you”ve got to know a few things:

  • The audience you want to reach is on the other end of a particular social media tool.
  • You understand your audiences” needs – and send them information in ways that casino online they like (and content they need)
  • That your activities are working – do you have a measurement tool in place to make sure that engagement, virality and messaging is on target?

As we finish the last few days of 2011, I can”t wait to put everything we”ve learned at Full Circle PR to good use for our clients.  It”s an exciting time to be creating public relations programs that combine offline and online components, and I look forward to learning more in the New Year.

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