More reasons not to check your Newsfeed (and other Facebook news)

By Posted in - Social Media on December 20th, 2011 0 Comments

Not too long ago, I vented my frustrations about Facebook recently deciding to show every photo that a friend comments on or Likes in our Newsfeeds. And I’ve heard anecdotally that it bothers other people, too.

Nonetheless, Facebook has not listened to my plight, and the TMI saga continues. Now, I read today that our favorite social media site will start featuring “Sponsored Story” adsĀ in users’ Newsfeeds. Currently, Facebook restricts advertising to the right margin of the page.

Starting in January, sponsored stories in the Newsfeed will be the same size as other items appearing in the stream and will be identifiable by a link that reads “Sponsored” below the post. So on top of all of the photos from people I don’t know in my Newsfeed, I’ll see ads – which few people ever care to see.

From Sponsored Stories to the launch of the Timeline profile and private messages between users and brands – what’s your take as Facebook’s new programs steamroll ahead? Do you think the site will continue to grow at an astronomical rate, or push users away with features that aren’t relevant to them?

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