Historical events affected by social media

By Posted in - Community & Social Media on December 5th, 2011 1 Comments

Each Monday, the FCPR team gathers for a morning status meeting. During this time, we take a few minutes to chat about the weekend and discuss projects, workloads and the week ahead. Not surprisingly, one subject of interest at today’s meeting was the Clemson Tigers’ recent ACC Championship win. (Remember, we’re a house full of Clemson fans here!)

We also talked about how, for those of us who weren’t able to attend, it was interesting and fun to follow fans’ Facebook status updates and tweets throughout the night. Personally, my newsfeed was one big tribute to Clemson for hours after the game.

After our meeting, I read a post from Mashable about events throughout history that have been – and could have been – affected by social media. While Clemson’s ACC Championship title may not be considered historical to anyone other than a Clemson fan, it brings Mashable’s point to life. Whether it’s an event felt by a community, nation, or the world as a whole, social media has given people an outlet to share personal experiences and relate to the people directly affected. And according to Mashable contributor, Christine Erickson, “It provides us with the reassurance that we’re not alone, but also gives us the opportunity to help.”

Sometimes social media feels like a monster that’s been let out of it’s cage, but other times we realize it gives voice to a multitude of emotions.

Have there been events you learned about through social media alone? And have you followed an event’s progress through social channels?


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