Big times ahead

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Kim and I are in full planning mode here at FCPR. Not just with our incredibly talented team on behalf of our clients, but for what lies ahead at Full Circle, too.

We’ve spent a lot of time thinking about the year ahead from a work load and budgeting standpoint. We’re estimating projects and allocating resources, planning promotions and measuring analytics.

But the fun part for me is taking some time to really think BIG. It’s what helps drive me every day and keeps me excited about what we’re doing here.

We recently surveyed our employees to ask them what they wanted to see implemented around here. The responses were honest and helped us think of some ideas we hadn’t even considered before.

Kim and I started FCPR because we knew we could deliver top notch PR results for companies we wanted to help – and we could develop a team that shared our vision. I’m happy to report that vision is still as bright as ever, and Kim and I continue to evolve our business into something really special.

We’re so fortunate to be able to selectively choose the clients we think we can make the most impact. And if we’re not a fit for a company that calls us, we make sure to try and direct them to a reliable resource that might work for them.

Kim and I often say we wish we had a crystal ball so we could predict the future. But then we know that half of the fun is getting there.

As we round out 2011 and look ahead to what’s shaping up to be a fantastic 2012, I’m so proud to be a part of this organization called Full Circle Public Relations. I can’t think of anything else I’d rather do with my career than what I’m doing right now. It’s in large part to my work family Kim, Caitlin, Shelley and Mollie, and our extended family: our awesome clients, partners, mentors and friends.

If you’ve been following along with our journey through our blog, thank you for taking the time to hear us out. We hope to get to know you more from you in 2012.

And stick around — there’s lots more fun stuff to come. Cheers!

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