Are you the same in person as you are on Twitter?

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“Be the same person on Twitter as you are in person.” (Taken from the blog post, Your Twitter Stream is Boring me to Tears.  Stop It.)

Have you ever followed someone on Twitter and then ended up meeting them in person and they were completely different?  I mean, night and day different?  I have.  And it disappoints me.

Taken from the aforementioned blog post, there”s a reason why people follow you.  It”s because they feel a connection – whether personally or professionally – with the content you share.

“People follow you because you’ve made them love you. You’ve told them about yourself. You’ve welcomed them into your life as a friend by tweeting pictures of your kids playing with the dog, showing them where you want to go casino pa natet on vacation, sharing videos of yourself eating crazy things and explaining in-depth why you love bowling or whatever you do.”

Are you trying to build a following?

We”ve all heard that content is King.  And it”s no different with online tools.  For you to connect with your audience, you”ve got to be willing to share information with them that they relate (and respond) to.

What do you think?  Have you developed a personality using social media that doesn”t necessarily reflect the one you portray in person?

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