Are typos bad, or good for business?

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In today”s edition of our local paper, , there”s a fairly significant typo in the Sports section in the article, “Georgia defense looks to make its mark against LSU.”

Typos in a newspaper article aren”t exactly new, and heaven knows I”ve made my share of typographical mistakes in my time (so I won”t throw too many stones in this glass house). But, for real?? (Read the first few paragraphs of the news article shown below — caution: bad language ahead).

Oh yeah, big oops.

Ok, so someone”s head is probably rolling right about now. And it”s certainly a very unfortunate mistake.

But let”s be honest for a minute: hundreds of people are currently talking about this snafu on social media as I type. It”s more people than have been talking about The Greenville News in quite some time, which has suffered massive layoffs in recent history and dwindling editorial resources.

If I were a betting woman, I”d bet today”s newspaper is going to be the top seller of the year. All because people are going to want to see what the fuss is about.

So if it”s good for business, is it really a mistake?

Alright, obviously I know better than to start dropping f-bombs throughout my own client work. And I”m sure the newspaper is learning a painful lesson about social media right now.

What remains to be seen is how will they handle it? Will they address it at all? Will they make a joke out of it? And how will its readership react?

And within minutes, he was back on air issuing an apology. The following Saturday, was shown on the program sitting next to his fellow announcers with duct tape over his mouth. It was funny, and people forgave him the slip and moved on.

What do you think about a typo of this magnitude? And if you were a manager at The Greenville News, how would you handle it?

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