Twitter flies into the U.S. Library of Congress

By Posted in - Social Media & Technology on November 11th, 2011 0 Comments

Working in the PR world, Twitter has become more than regular part of my day.  From making status updates, to checking industry associations’ and, of course, competitors’  Twitter feeds – this social tool provides a great way to stay in touch with our consumers and visible in our communities.

With all of the Twitter action these days, it is no wonder that our Library of Congress has announced that they will be keeping an archive of all Twitter conversations.  According to Mashable, the Library of Congress will be recording tweets as a log of popular consciousness.  Already organized in #hashtags, conversations and trends are easy to find and keep track of.

Not only will Twitter be a record of the past, but a predictor of the future’s mainstream thoughts and lifestyles.  The ability to track real-time conversations through #hashtags already is, and will continue to be instrumental for businesses, and is a more than valuable tool in the world of forecasting and investing.

With 360 million registered users and 460,00 additional sign-ups per day (Techland Time), it is no wonder that the Library of Congress is taking note of this social must-have.  It is a record of cultural history that is not written, but Tweeted.

What will your Tweets say about today’s culture and tomorrow’s future?


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