Tell me what you want, what you really, really want

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(Cue the Spice Girls song) 

Contrary to what you might think, humans are not mind readers. (Well, most of us aren”t any way…I guess if you watch enough of the show “Medium” on NBC you might think otherwise).

And yet, how many times have we landed ourselves in a sticky situation because we assumed something incorrectly. Wouldn”t it be so much easier if people just came right out and asked for what they wanted? Even if they don”t get it, at least you know the parameters from the outset and can do your best to meet the request.

In other words, just tell me what you want!

In doing some research for some media outreach for a client recently, I came across this about how he prefers company representatives contact him, and what he”d like the content to include. I have to say, it was nothing short of refreshing.

He didn”t beat around the bush, he didn”t cloak his message behind some secret wall. No, he comes right out and tells you exactly how he”d like to be contacted and approached with story ideas.

I took all of his feedback to heart. I worked to incorporate his requests into my outreach to him. There were even a few parts of his note that left me wanting to know more — so I just came right out and asked.

When it comes to your brand, do you put yourself out there and let your customers know exactly how they can work with you? I don”t mean in a stringent “don”t call us except between the house of 2 and 4 p.m. Mondays and Tuesdays” sort of thing. But do you give your customers opportunities to engage with your brand in a way that”s straightforward and clear?

Do you make your Contact Us options easy to find and available across multiple channels (phone, email, social media)? Do you provide FAQs for common questions posed by customers so they can quickly find an answer to their question? And when someone takes the time to engage with your brand, do you respond back like a human in a real conversation, or do you simply ignore and move on?

As people, we all just want to be heard and have our expectations met, if not exceeded. Half of that equation, though, is knowing where the bar is set from the beginning.

As for my media outreach to Derrick, I look forward to working with him and his team — but even if he doesn”t have a chance to respond to my email, I”m still impressed with his clear set expectations from the outset.



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