Is being grateful great for you?

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I’m a big fan of positive news getting prominence in media outlets (with all the negative stories that get the majority of the attention, reading the paper can be a real bummer sometimes).  However, over this morning’s coffee, I stumbled upon some “grate” news.  I learned that if you’re running around and stressing out about the holiday season that’s upon us, stop to take a second and give thanks.


According to an article in USA Today, about three-quarters of the people studied who regularly counted their blessings scored higher in happiness tests. That’s 75%!  In addition to serving as a stress reducer, being grateful was also cited in making people feel “more alive, alert, interested and enthusiastic.”

So go ahead, give thanks to something (or someone) in your life that makes you smile!  I’m grateful for:
  • A wonderful family (and extended) family who support me, love me and are always there for me.
  • A supportive husband who makes me laugh (sometimes at him, not with him!)
  • An awesome group of eclectic friends that want nothing more than to just be with me and have fun.
  • The fact that my side of the family and my husband’s family get along and LIKE each other!
  • My health.
  • A career, business and colleagues that I enjoy being around – and love to watch succeed.
  • My crazy dog.
Wow, I feel better already.  From all of us at Full Circle PR, have a Happy Thanksgiving!
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