Enhance your resume with social media

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As December graduation quickly approaches, college students everywhere are beginning to think toward the future. Some soon-to-be-graduates may already have jobs lined up for the new year, while some are still sending their resume out daily. And in an age of educated, qualified applicants, it’s important to set yourself apart. Luckily, Mashable has a few tips on how to do just that – and enhance your resume with social media.

1. Link to social media: Include your Facebook, Twitter and especially LinkedIn profile URLs along the top of your resume, next to your name, email and phone number.

2. Fact-check yourself: Keep your resume current. An employer shouldn’t see one thing on your resume and something different on LinkedIn.

3. Don’t just copy/paste: Feel free to use information from your resume for social network sections like “work experience,” “about me,” etc. However, remember to share carefully selected content.

4. Use keywords for SEO: Beyond your experience, skills and goals, remember that keywords are king. To stay on top of current industry jargon, study similar job listings for words that pop up frequently.

In addition, I’ve noticed that the use of QR Codes seems to be an emerging trend. Now, students are able to develop codes that link to their online portfolios, published work and much more.

Have you seen any changes in the way applicants are using social media to enhance their resume? And do you agree that it’s an enhancement, or is it a hindrance?

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