Don’t just set expectations, exceed them

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We’re in full growth mode at Full Circle PR. It’s an exciting time — we’re adding great new employees and fantastic clients to our team.

With all this growth happening, we’re dealing with expanding our infrastructure to make sure we have the right tools in place to do our jobs well. You know, things like upgrading our copier equipment and adding new office furniture.

Throughout this growth process, Kim and I have been amazed at the difference in the level of client service from the various vendors. I’ll give you an example. We needed more phone lines and Internet connectivity to accommodate our growing team. Seems like a fairly straightforward request. You call your telecommunications provider, they come out and do their thing and *boom*, you have access.

We’ve gone through this process twice now – once when we opened our doors and now.  Both times, though, have been a series of miscues. Someone didn’t get the note about the day they were supposed to come out for the installation. Or the equipment recommendation we were sold on based on our needs isn’t actually compatible with our space.  Or the technician forgets a cord necessary to complete the job and now it’s going to be weeks before they can come back out. In short, the whole process has just been painful and disappointing.

To me, it’s all about setting expectations and then working to exceed them. If you make a recommendation to a client because you’re the expert in that field, then it stands to reason you should not only carry that out, but work to exceed it. That’s how you build loyal customers and repeat business — because the client starts to trust that you’ll get the job done.

We work hard to practice what we preach. We assess a clients’ marketing needs based on who they’re trying to reach, and then we put recommendations in place that are within their budget and will help reach their business goals. We believe this is why so many of our clients stay with us for years and become part of our family – -they trust us to get the job done and done right.

Have we ever made mistakes? Absolutely. But if that does happen, we work diligently to take responsibility and correct the situation as soon as possible.

We’ve all experienced negative customer service — but it’s how companies address and work to eventually exceed your expectations that keep you coming back for more. How you are working to make sure your customer needs are not just met — but knocked out of the park?

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