CRM chocolate? Yes, please.

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This Friday there is no shortage of loving customer relationship management at Full Circle (known as CRM in the marketing and PR realm).  As a public relations firm, normally we are on the sending side of facilitating and nurturing business, customer and community relationships for our clients.  It’s what we’re good at and we love it.  But today we were on the receiving end, and may I say that it sure is… sweet.

After a recent 4-in-1 printer/fax/scanner/copier upgrade, we have received the utmost in customer support from Plus, Inc., an office solutions provider in Greenville.

Today David from Plus, Inc. stopped by our office with a box of gourmet chocolates and cookies, along with a card signed by his team as a thank you for choosing their product.  And for all of you Greenville natives, it was from the one and only Chocolate Shoppe.  It brought a smile to all of our faces here at FCPR, and our sweet tooth.

So what’s the lesson from this box of chocolates?

(If you’re thinking “you never know what you’re going to get”… let’s try one more time, and in PR terms.)

Aside from great technology support and training, a little CRM on the friendly side can go along way.  Don’t get me wrong, chocolate will not make up for poor customer service, but it can enhance an existing program.  A good CRM initiative that incorporates the must-have on the product-support end can only be strengthened when thoughtful acts are also included.

It is the basis of forming a great relationship.

So, what are you doing for your CRM program?  Don’t forget to think of your clients on their birthdays, holidays, or even a random Friday.  In the least you will make their day just that much sweeter.


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