Building a story

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We’re living in the hay day of social media. It seems like everyone is using at least one online network, and new platforms (i.e. Google+) are constantly popping up. But as we spend more time using these tools – as brands, organizations and ourselves – are we getting lost in the strategy and missing the point of social media?

I mentioned last week that Kim, Shelley and myself attended this year’s SCPRSA Professional Development Conference in Columbia. One of the first presentations was hosted by one of our friends, Bobby Rettew. His talk reminded us of why we should be connecting online in the first place.

Whether you participate on Facebook, write a blog or tweet your thoughts – social media is about building your story. So how should you tell your story online?

  • Talk from your unique perspective
  • Write passionately
  • Connect with like-minded people
  • Empower your followers and ambassadors to share your message
  • Do it consistently
As public relations professionals, we are always justifying our cause – and we try to do it with numbers. But building your story using social media is more than a Like, a Follower or an email subscriber. It’s about people and the stories they’re sharing.

So how are you telling your story with social media – for yourself, your company or your client?


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