Reflections of the New Girl

By Posted in - Employee News & Public Relations on October 14th, 2011 0 Comments

As you may have guessed from reading Liza and Shelley’s blog posts and tweets by team members earlier this week, I am the newest member of the Full Circle PR team!  Today culminates my first official week and may I just say what an exciting, fun and refreshing week it has been.  Let’s go for a run down.

Monday, I arrived with nervous excitement to see what my new position had in store.  When I walked in the office, I came to find my desk neatly placed together by Caitlin and Shelley and stocked with any and all amenities that I might need for work (fyi, Full Circle has the best pens ever).  Next, I headed into my first official Monday morning FCPR weekly  status meeting where I was greeted by the entire team and learned of everything that this fabulous company had coming up.  With client social media promotions and new business opportunities in store, my excitement began to grow even more.

Wednesday, I was fortunate enough to attend a new business lunch andproposal meeting where I watched Liza, Kim and Caitlin at their finest.  I soaked in everything that I could.  Experiencing the PR process right from the beginning is thrilling to say the least, as I will hopefully be able to watch this brand grow as a result of our team’s expertise –  definitely the highlight of my week.  To end the day we celebrated Full Circle’s two-year anniversary with a happy hour at The Lazy Goat (not too shabby, right?).

Now that’s it’s Friday and I am able to reflect upon my first week at Full Circle, I come to find that my expectations were surpassed.  During the interview process, Kim and Liza mentioned multiple times how important the culture was and how their team was able to be very successful without any drama.  I have to admit that I was a little skeptical of how true that really was because there team consisted of 5 girls (now 6!).  After working here for a week I can honestly say that it is true.  What is happening at FCPR is rare, special and should not be dismissed.  The entire week Liza, Kim, Caitlin and Shelley have welcomed me with open arms, gladly answering any and all questions I had and teaching me everything they know about the PR world (thanks girls!).

Moving forward, I am on to perfecting my PR work.  I am truly lucky that I get to learn from some of the industry’s best and brightest.


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